Sunday, September 2, 2012

True Life: I'm Addicted to Freezer Cooking

Yes, it's a good bit of work.  
I usually spend a whole evening or morning prepping (finding and choosing recipes and making a grocery list), about 1.5 hours shopping (I try to be as budget conscious as possible which sometimes means going to multiple stores for the best prices on what I need), and 5 hours or so cooking.
BUT IT IS SO WORTH IT.  It is so worth not having to stress over what's for dinner during the week.  No more last minute stops at the grocery store on my way home from work (such a hassle when you have to get the baby in and out of the car just for one or two items), no more of those frozen bag skillet meals that are loaded with calories, no more "I'm too tired to come up with anything, I'm just going to swing through this drive thru here."

Also, I really like to cook, and since I don't have time to do it during the week, I've really been looking forward to my cooking days.  I still don't look forward to cleaning up all the dirty dishes it creates (I always manage to use literally every measuring cup and bowl and spoon that I own), but even that really isn't so bad.

I've only ever cooked enough to last us for two weeks, and I mostly just cook dinners.  We've enjoyed almost everything I've made so far and have only had a couple flops.  

Two of our favorites so far have been Chicken Tortilla Soup and Tomato Beef Stew, both of which are pretty low calorie!  

Since I'm starting September off right, Friday I cooked all low-calorie, healthy recipes that I can't wait to eat!!  I also baked some yummy items for breakfast that I'm excited to try.  Recipes coming soon!!

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