Thursday, September 20, 2012

Healthy Breakfast; Freezer Style

When I do my big freezer cooking day, I usually concentrate on making just dinners - enough to get us through two weeks.  We are generally a cereal/frozen waffles/toast for breakfast kind of family, but I was getting a little tired of that.  I also had about 6 over ripe bananas that I had to do something with.

I found the individual portioned baked oatmeal on pinterest and just decided to give it a whirl.  I'd never made anything like that before, but it ended up being super easy.  I think I expected them to turn out more like a granola bar/fiber bar, but they're a little softer/chewier than that.  They are GOOD though, and my husband loves them, so that's a win.

One of the best parts about it is you can add any topping you want or none at all depending on what you/your family likes.  And since it's just topping, you can make as many different ones as you like.  I chose to use chocolate chips because that's what we like, but I think fruit would be really good too.  

Some points about this recipe:
  • The recipe says to use stevia or honey, and I used 1/2 cup honey because that's what I already had.  It turned out great
  • It's supposed to make 18 muffins, but I feel like I could have made more.  Maybe 20?  I had to bake the remainder of the batter in a casserole dish though because I ran out of paper liners.
  • Speaking of paper liners, I wouldn't recommend them.  I will get the foil ones next time I make these.  They end of being kind of difficult to get out of the paper liner after sitting for a day.  
  • I might just stir the chocolate chips right into the batter next time, because I think that would be really good too.  I just need to be careful about not going overboard on the chocolate because that can really add unnecessary calories.
  • They freeze fabulously.  After they cooled, I just threw a bunch into a gallon size freezer bag and popped them in the freezer (you might notice a few of them look a little freezer-y in the picture) and then I just take out a couple before I go to bed and they are perfect to eat the next morning!
  • The breakdown for 18 muffins with chocolate chip topping: serving size: one muffin, 190 calories, 5g fat, 34g carb, 6g protein.
For the banana muffins, I took Skinnytaste's Low Fat Banana Nut Bread recipe, omitted the nuts, and turned it into muffins.
  • Again, I will definitely use foil muffin liners next time.  Why did I ever decide to buy paper ones?
  • The recipe calls for 7 medium bananas; I used 5 large-ish ones and they turned out great.
  • Since I was making muffins, I only baked each pan for 12-14 minutes or until the tops were golden.  
  • Made 24 muffins.
  • Breakdown: serving size: 1 muffin, 111 calories, 2g fat, 22g carb, 2g protein.
Easy, healthy breakfast for the win!!

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