Monday, December 31, 2012

Liam's First Christmas

This month really got away from me!  Between working a lot of extra tutoring hours, trying to get my Christmas shopping and baking done, attending Christmas parties, and still trying to get a little sleep, there was just no time for blogging!

But it was all worth it because Christmas was wonderful.  It didn't go quite the way we planned it out, but it was wonderful anyways.

The Sunday before Christmas, we had our celebration with Korey's family, and Liam had his first present-opening experience!  He didn't really know what to do, but he loved crinkling the paper, and he loved his toy once we got it out of the package for him.

(Also, I'm so in love with his Christmas outfit from Target - the shirt says "Gift to all the Ladies" and there's a Santa on the butt.)

Liam definitely learned what the point of wrapping paper is though, because the morning after I'd wrapped all the gifts he found the wrapping paper I'd left out in the kitchen (oops!) and made a HUGE mess, laughing the whole time. : D

Christmas Eve we drove to my parent's house in Ohio, where we spent the next few days. Christmas Eve was so hectic, that I didn't get any pictures of Liam in his church outfit or of the annual Christmas Eve party my parents always have. But here are some shots of Liam with his presents on Christmas morning.  He liked to use his teeth to open his presents and also enjoyed climbing on the boxes more than what was inside. 

Love this photo of our little family!  This was probably our 12th attempt.

We were supposed to drive to Pittsburgh on Christmas Day to celebrate with extended family, but we ended up canceling our plans because of the impending snow storm.  We wouldn't have had any trouble getting there, but were worried about the drive back on Wednesday.  I was sad not to go, but it would have been a nightmare to drive back in that storm with a baby in the car, so I am glad we didn't attempt that.

Since we didn't go to Pittsburgh, we were snowed-in at my parent's house and had two glorious days of lounging around in our jammies with hot chocolate, new toys, and good books.  It was wonderful.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  One of my goals for the new year is to blog more, so expect to hear more from me! :)

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