Sunday, January 13, 2013

My Sunday To-Do List

This morning was chilly and rainy, and my husband worked 12am-6am so he was catching up on his sleep this morning.  And I still haven't gotten the hang of handling Liam at church by myself since he's become so mobile and talkative.  And since he's developed a little separation anxiety, I don't like the thought of dropping him off in the church nursery.  So I just decided that we would stay in today.

My Sunday to-do list inevitably consists of laundry and cooking/prepping food for the week.  Today I made Baked Oatmeal Muffins with chocolate chips (only 120 calories each!).  Also on the list today: lots of time playing on the floor with my boyo and getting all our Christmas decorations taken down and put away (so glad that's finally done!).

Since we moved into this house at the beginning of December and pretty much decorated for Christmas as soon as the boxes were out of the living room, it's kind of nice to see what our house will look like in it's normal state now.  I'm working on a more organized play area for Liam in our living room - not gonna lie, right now we just pile all of his toys in the middle of a blanket, pull the corners up, and stuff the whole thing underneath a side table after he goes to bed at night (and yeah, it's not really working out that well).  So I can't wait to get things organized!

We also just received a baker's rack for our kitchen as a housewarming gift from my parents - I'm so excited that our microwave won't have to be on our kitchen table anymore!  Can't wait to start getting things set up around here!

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