Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Top 5 Reasons Why I Love My Husband

I'm kind of stealing this idea from Ali's blog because I think it's a great post.  Another of my 2013 goals is to be more intentional in all my relationships, including my marriage.  I think a lot of times when you have a baby, even though it's the best ever, it can cause the focus to shift from your relationship with your spouse to how both of you relate to your new bundle of joy.  This year, we are trying to take the time to focus on each other just a little bit more.

So, here we are with My Top 5 Reasons I Love My Husband.

1. He's my best friend.  I can talk about anything with him, and I like spending time with him most of all.  And he can always make me laugh, even if I really really really don't want to.

2. He supports me in whatever I decide to do, even if I don't stick with it (which is usually) and no matter how many times I change my mind.  Making my own baby food - sure!  Starting a blog - sounds good, honey!  Eating healthy - no complaints!

3. He's an amazing Dad.  He loves Liam so much and takes such good care of him.  He spends as much time playing with him as he can when he's home.  He was the first one that could make Liam giggle.  And he can always keep a level head in a scary situation (i.e. the other day when Liam had an unknown something in his mouth and was kind of gagging/choking on it and I was fah-reaking out).

4. He's looks great in uniform.  And he's pretty good looking all the other times, too.  And he's really good at his job.

5. He loves me for me.  Always.  No matter what I look like or act like, and whether or not I'm having a complete breakdown over a can opener (ahem, this morning), he's always there to tell me I look beautiful, to give me a hug, and to try and solve my problem.

Seriously, I love being married to this guy.  How did I get so lucky?

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